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SeatGuru Seat Map EVA Air Boeing 777-300ER (77N/77W)

EVA Air Flight Information - SeatGuru

Oliver Greene, 6 days tickets ago Read review One flight at night to Taipei is "Hello Kitty" one, all utensils bear the trademark wwkysw, 6 days ago Read review Bose headphones are a plus on any flight! Looking around, I saw these boxes under almost every seat, so they'd be hard to avoid. Not one negative for EVA Air. In retrospect, I would try to get a seat on row 45 because the lavatory is walled off and you have a lot of space in front with no obstruction, especially. Boarding 8 Seat for Sitting 10 Seat for Sleeping 7 Service 9 Entertainment 8 Food Drink 10 Punctuality 10 Baggage 8 read more BrianTsai Flight on EVA Air Business on: B777-300ER (config. Boarding was a bit of a mess, but. Boarding 8 Seat for Sitting 9 Seat for Sleeping 8 Service 9 Entertainment 8 Food Drink 10 Punctuality 10 Baggage 10 read more Davethepubsinger Flight on EVA Air Business on: B777-300ER.4 My wife and I travelled. The service from is very good as well. Leg room is compromised and limited by the metal ticket box, unlike the window and middle seats. Nice sized entertainment screen and wide selection of things to watch. Good food, great service for a good price. Our Fleets 777-300ER, technical Information, number of Aircraft : 34, number of Seat : 313 / 323 / 333 / 353. The ones up front are more standard sized bathrooms, and despite looking clean, have a smell that I can only call "swampy.". Lots of movies to keep you occupied when awake. No problems at all with this seat. Recline was sufficient to actually sleep, video monitor was huge (larger than ipad food was decent, service attentive. They were really nice and always had smiles. In the outside sections, the two seat posts are on the outside, leaving a large open space in the middle. The food was very good. Drinks, whatever you fancy. The inbound from Taipei was a bit late so we were encouraged to remain in the Lounge until the Economy. I would definitely fly this airline in a heartbeat. The older 747 seats were not acceptable as they inclined or older yet didn't even get flat. Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2014 / 07 / 08 for Seat 63D On the with herringbone royal laurel (v1 all of the seats C, D and H in economy have an entertainment box under the seat, meaning the seat behind has about half. This would have to be the best airline I have flown with. Upon arrival we checked in without queues and were directed to American Airways lounge Lounge. My proximity to the lavatory caused no noise problems. Service 10, entertainment 8, food Drink 9, punctuality 4, baggage 8 read more jwall103, flight on, eVA Air. Only 500.00 USD more than economy class, it's worth the money! I like the Chinese breakfast. The entree was atrocious and the inflight snack was inedible. Check in was swift because was transferring from another flight I took from Brussels. On short flights, it shouldn't be too much of a hassle. I was even able to lay on my side despite my size. 773wana, 4 days ago Read review the service includes book your seat when making your flight booking and also any special dietary you may need. For your next EVA Air flight, use this seating chart to get the most comfortable seats, legroom, and recline on Boeing 777-300ER (77N/77W).

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